9th January 2022



Sat.  Jan 8th   8pm              Willie and Lil Hogan, Macloon.

TERRYGLASS CEMETERY  Terryglass Cemetery Committee’s AGM takes place on Friday, 14th January, 2021 in Terryglass Hall at 8.00pm. All are welcome to attend and your support would be greatly appreciated.                                               John Mulvihill.


SACRED HEART MESSENGERS.    The subscription for the 2022 Messenger is now due – please give same to your promoter or leave into either Sacristies as soon as possible



The Terryglass Hall committee will hold their AGM on Wed. Jan 19th at 8pm in the Hall.  All are welcome.


Dates for Sacraments: As you can guess right now it is impossible to predict when the Sacraments will go ahead. It is likely that Holy Communion and Confirmation will be after Easter/ May- June. Resources will be shortly available through the diocese on Zoom to help families in their preparation.




The Baptism of the Lord

This feast is a gentle reminder of the

way of life to which we have been called in

Baptism. It is a reminder of our own

baptism and of the coming of the Holy Spirit.


Synodal Pathway Meetings on-line via Zoom

A message from Bishop Fintan: It is planned to have 7 synodal pathway meetings on-line with the various pastoral areas in different groups. These meetings will take place beginning on the week of January 16th and continuing on the following week. Clergy and all members of the pastoral councils will be invited to join these introductory meetings, giving an explanation of what the synod is about and leaving time for discussion, questions and how to go about things at local level. Arising from this it is hoped that the first 4 weeks of Lent would be allotted to local discussion and then if possible to have a diocesan gathering at some point after Easter, Covid restrictions permitting.


Kilbarron Terryglass Historical Society

We are beginning a process of recording the names of all those who are believed to be interred in Kilbarron, Terryglass and Finnoe old graveyards but whose names are unrecorded on a headstone or in any other form.  If you wish to participate or believe your ancestors are buried in any of the above graveyards, contact any of the committee for further details.


Covid 19 it is safest to keep the following precautions, Social distancing, Mask Wearing and Hand hygiene. We thank you all for your patience at this time and to our Stewarts for their ongoing assistance. To help with best capacity in the churches (50%) we ask for your co-operation to keep family groups together in one seat and/or 2 couples per seat.  Mass will also be broadcast on the PA systems of both churches.


Pope Francis has invited the entire Church to reflect on Communion, Participation, and Mission.

He has asked us to journey together and reflect together. “This journey, is both a gift and a task .”Our ‘journeying together’ is, what most effectively helps us to see that the Church itself is a pilgrim and missionary People of God.


Terryglass / Kilbarron Mass Times

Terryglass Week-days:  Tues. Thurs. Fri: 9am         Saturday: 8pm

Kilbarron:  Wednesday:  7.30pm.    Sunday : 9.30am


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