January 23rd 2022

3rd  Sunday in Ordinary Time

“Lord may my own faith grow deeper by my relationship with you. Help those who search for you, especially the young. “               D.Neary




Sat.  Jan 22nd    8pm           Stephen Costello, Shanavalla  – 1st Anniversary

                                             John Costello, Shanavalla.

Sat.  Jan 29th    8pm          John (Rum) Leenane, Newlawn,  

                    Denis Leenane, London and Mary Ryan (nee Leenane) Clonmel .  

Synodal PATH – journeying together, being heard! Thanks to all who joined the Zoom meeting? It is clearly going to be a long slow process, the imagining of what our church might become in the years ahead. Thankfully, it is the work of the Holy Spirit, more than it is anything we can do.  In March, there will be an opportunity in each parish to voice what we see as the issues of importance at this time.       


Catholic Schools Week 2022 starts today until January 30th

The theme this year ‘Catholic Schools: Living Life to the Full’.

During Catholic Schools Week families, parishes and schools are invited to participate in a week of celebration of Catholic schools reflecting on their contribution to the common good of society. God loves our younger generation. We are all part of the ‘faith ministry’ of Jesus. By our own prayer we can help a new generation find their way to faith.


World Week of Prayer for Christian Unity is 18th – 25th January.  This year the theme chosen by the Christian communities in the Middle East is ‘We Saw his Star in the East’.


CANDLEMAS DAY  Wednesday 2nd February is C a n d l e m a s  Day, the Feast of the Presentation of Jesus and the Day of Consecrated Life. The Blessing of Candles will take place at all Masses on Candlemas Day. Candles for both Church and home use can be left into any of our churches. We thank all those who donate candles for use in our churches.


SAFEGUARDING  We all share the responsibility for ensuing that our children and vulnerable adults experience an environment where they are respected and loved and are free from the danger of any form of abuse. Where children and vulnerable adults are involved in Church related activities, the Diocese takes its responsibilities seriously.  Our parish is guided by and audited by the Safeguarding Children Service of the Diocese of Killaloe.

The Diocese of Killaloe invites anyone with a child protection concern to contact the Diocesan Designated Officer, Ms Cleo Yates 086 809 6027 email: c.yates@killaloediocese.ie


Covid 19 it is safest to keep the following precautions, Social distancing, Mask Wearing and Hand hygiene.  We would like to remind you that it remains a requirement to wear a face covering during all Masses and communal worship ceremonies/events.

                            Catholic Schools Week 2022 Prayer for Grandparents

Lord Jesus, look with love on grandparents the world over. Protect them! They are a source of enrichment for families, for the Church and for all of society. Support them!

As they grow older, may they continue to be strong pillars of Gospel faith, guardians of noble domestic ideals, living treasuries of sound religious traditions.

Make them teachers of wisdom and courage, that they may pass on to future generations the fruits of their mature human and spiritual experience. Amen.


Terryglass / Kilbarron Mass Times

Terryglass Week-days:  Tues. Thurs. Fri: 9am         Saturday: 8pm

Kilbarron:  Wednesday:  7.30pm.    Sunday : 9.30am



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